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updated tue 12 sep 00


Karen Sullivan on mon 11 sep 00

The discussion of art versus craft has been interesting.
I have a book to recommend. It is a very dense little book,
The Shape of Time, Remarks on the History of Things, by George Kubler,
ISBN 0-300-00144-4, published in 1962.
One of the issues he mentions which has stayed with me, is that often
artists and craftsmen are at opposite poles, and with time and the
development of skill they intersect. The craftsman becomes an artist and the
artist develops the skills of a craftsman.
another thought about the distinction of artist versus craftsman, is whether
one chooses to work within existing traditions or whether one contributes
innovative ideas or a new body of knowledge to the field of art. The later
is a tough standard of what it means to be an artist with so many people,
and such a dense history.

I would like to thank all who have responded to my spodumene question.
I am profoundly grateful for your enabling me to learn. Thanks