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tool question

updated mon 11 sep 00


Carrie or Peter Jacobson on sat 9 sep 00

Hey, folks, that suction cup thing does exist. I've seen it work! A pottery
near here, Christian Ridge, well, it's a major producer of ceramic ware, at
any rate, they use one. It is a cup-like thing, attached to a tube, attached
to some machine that generates the vacuum (a sucking machine... hmm.)

It turns on and off - releases the vacuum - when you press the foot pedal
and let it up.

I thought I had seen an ad for this thing in one of the pottery magazines.
Has anyone? If not, I will go over to the pottery and see what I can find

Christian Ridge is an interesting place, and for me, an interesting lesson.
It was started by a potter who had a few good ideas, and made a few nice
things. His stuff sold. His stuff sold more. And more. At some point,
production became a production line, and throwing became manufacturing.

He has a good business, but he wants to sell. Wants to go back to throwing,
I understand.

Carrie Jacobson
Bolster's Mills, Maine

Lorraine Pierce on sun 10 sep 00

There is a Vacumn Hand (suction device) on page 70 in the new Bailey
catalogue. Lori in New Port Richey, Fl.