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please help me locate the following artists!!!

updated sat 9 sep 00


Katy Molen on fri 8 sep 00

Hi everyone!
I am currently assisting Leatrice Eagle with the appraisal of a large
ceramic collection, the Chasanoff Collection, which is being donated to the
Mint Museum of Craft & Design, Charlotte, NC. There are a number of artists
that we haven't been able to locate, I was hoping you might be able to help
us!!! We are trying to find the following artists:

1. Patricia Beglin
2. Kris Cox
3. Marcello Fantoni
4. George Hanson
5. Doug Humphrey
6. Kirk Mayhew
7. Masako Miyata
8. Lizbeth Stewart
9. Cheryl Ward

Any information regarding these artists would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Thank you for your help!

Katy Molen
Eagle Design & Management
7830 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 300
Bethesda, MD 20814
phone: 301-907-8900 ext.351
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