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phil rogers show at pucker

updated fri 8 sep 00


John Baymore on thu 7 sep 00

With regard to the Shimaoka show at Pucker which opens this Saturday. It
be of interest to some of the others on clayart that I have a show at the=

Pucker Gallery in January. The pots are already with the Gallery and are
available to be seen. =


Hi. In case you missed it, I posted a mention of your upcoming Pucker sh=
here on CLAYART a few months ago when I was mentioning the Onda show that=

was at the Pucker then. While I was down there for that show, Bernie
mentioned that you had the show upcoming and that the pots were
upstairs........ and I got a chance to see all your work which they had
just finished photographing.

Never saw your stuff in person before. All I can say is =

W......O........W........! Wonderfully powerful body of work. I'm

Anyone who can should get by the Pucker to see Phil's show.

Also............ for those that don't know.............. hiding in the
upstairs galleries (ya' gotta' ask), the Pucker routinely has a LARGE
collection of Brother Thomas's pieces, France Frank's work, Onda pots,
ongoing pieces of Shimaoka-sensei's work, a huge collection of African
pots, and often other ceramics like sometimes folks like Warren
MacKenzie's. The Pucker is a good friend of claywork, particularly
Japanese work.

So..... hopefully I'll meet some fellow CLAYARTers at the Pucker on
Saturday for the Shimaoka opening. I'm actually headed down there tonigh=
for a private gathering.... so I'll post a quick verbal "preview" of what=

is there on CLAYART tomorrow.



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