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fantasy tools. suction ware boards.

updated fri 8 sep 00


Mudnjoy@AOL.COM on wed 6 sep 00

> Boards covered with teeny little holes that have suction(micro
> vacuum pumps) so all the pots on the board don't fall off when
> you bump the side of the door jamb going in to the kiln
> room......I needed it the day I had 30 GOBLETS go
> tumbling....... :-0
> If I had a nickel for every pot I've dropped....
> Jennifer, done with the firing

30 goblets Ouch that must have hurt. I've solved that problem by screwing
in sides & slats on the sides of a few boards to support the tall narrow
pieces. I started with molding screwed to the edges of ware boards to keep
the tiny magnets, pin and earrings I make from slipping off the edge. I've
stored and carried tall narrow forms in 5 gallon buckets. I've learned with
my tall lizard cups to make the boards smaller. A large board framed in and
full is heavy. Counter sink those screws to facilitate sliding your ware
boards around on racks.
Joy in Tucson realizing storing even "clean" ware boards over head is a
dust distributor.