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updated fri 8 sep 00


Earl Brunner on wed 6 sep 00

I was just curious, I found this on ebay, I only know a few
of the names, and was wondering if anyone knew of any of the
others and if any were still in clay.
Frey, Frimkess, Rothman, Saxe, Soldate, Soldner, and
Warashina are names I recognize and remember.

BY ELAINE LEVIN. Published in 1979 by the Security
Pacific Bank of Los Angeles, this 33 page out-of-print
catalog shows and discusses the studio pottery by the
following artists:

Ralph C. Bacerra, Clayton Bailey, Robert Brady, Karen
Breschi, Bruria, Philip Cornelius, Tony Costanzo,
William Davis, Stephanie DeLange, Dora De Larios,
Stephen De Staebler, Ellie Fernald, Margaret Ford, Ed
Forde, Viola Frey, Michael Frimkess, David Furman,
George Geyer,

Lukman Glasgow, Erik Gronborg, Joanne Hayakawa, Howard
Kottler, Carol Lebeck, David Middlebrook,
Bradley R. Miller, Gifford Myers, Tom Rippon, Jerry
Rothman, Adrian Saxe, Nancy Selvin, Richard Shaw, Larry
Shep, Joe Soldate, Paul Soldner, and Patti Warashina.

Profusely illustrated in black and white, this choice
title is divided into the following sections: 1) List of
Artists; 2)
West Coast Clay Spectrum (essay); and 3) Artists=92
Earl Brunner