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dremel tool. a creative challenge

updated sat 9 sep 00


iandol on thu 7 sep 00

Snip< Neither the booklet or the tape describe uses for potters.>

Can=92t see why they would. That might take a bit of grey matter. Some =
sales promotion people do not have a strong suit in that area.

Now I have an idea in mind for using the old Dremel creatively, great =
for designers who are working on the edge to produce highly decorated =

Use it as an etching or a piercing tool. Fire some porcelain to a soft =
biscuit. Draw your patterns on in graphite pencil and then etch deeply =
or pierce your designs right through. You should be able to create an =
almost inverse filigree effect which will respond well to give =
translucency and act as a reservoir for those subtle blue celadon =
glazes. It may also be a useful technique for people who wish to imitate =
that oriental rice grain glaze effect.

Now the challenge is, having given you a start to prime your thinking, =
how else can it be used creatively.

Dremel, yes, we have one. The high powered flexible shaft style with two =
hand pieces. Yes, they are very expensive in Australia. I just bought =
four packs of diamond burrs up to 5mm dia for doing intaglio carving.

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia