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artist statement-vince

updated sun 10 sep 00


Diane Mead on sat 9 sep 00

Yes!! I am L.O.L.

Again another pearl from Vince--
Love it!

Get ready for that second career
as a writer for all these poor
poorly written publications

Vince as editor of
Art News
Art in America
Art Forum (somebody please help them!!!!)

It might not work. His succint language and
common sense would scare the pants off 'em!!!


>From: vince pitelka
>Reply-To: Ceramic Arts Discussion List
>Subject: Re: Artist Statement
>Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 19:29:30 -0500
> > The reason I listen to Clayart is due to the "artspeak" jargon that
> > the 2-d world.
>Yes, the 2-d world is fraught with problems, the worst being that when
>people turn sideways they dissappear.
>OK, it was a bad joke.
>- Vince
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