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dremel tool

updated tue 4 mar 03


Theoblue44@AOL.COM on tue 5 sep 00

Dremel has a little booklet that describes the use of the various attachments
for their tool. Sears sells a VCR tape showing various ways you can use their
tool. The tape from Sears is very useful for odd jobs around the house and
may give you some ideas. Neither the booklet or the tape describe uses for
potters. The booklet can usually be found in a store like Home Depot where
they sell the tool. I have the tape and the booklet and personally found the
tape more helpful.

John Crittenden
Oklahoma City

Edge Barnes on mon 3 mar 03

Jumping in somewhat late on the dremel issue, but had to find the old card
that the bit was in.

I bought a #562 tile cutting bit to clean up some bathtub grout lines with
and discovered it was very efficient at eating up the tiles if I wasn't

Tried it on a glaze run on the bottom of a pot and it cleaned it up quicker
than any of the abrasive wheels I had tried before. Doesn't wear down like
the abrasives do either.