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kiln god mythology (kiln lore)

updated tue 5 sep 00


KilnLore@AOL.COM on mon 4 sep 00

My name is Martie Geiger-Ho, (alias the Kiln Priestess) and I am a ceramist
with a passion for studying kiln god mythology. If you are interested in
learning more about the history of China's real kiln gods, or reading a kiln
god creation myth along with viewing kiln lore inspired artwork, I would like
to share my web site information with you.

Also, I have an article about kiln gods in the summer issue of Studio Potter,
June 2000, Vol. 28, No. 2. The article is titled, "Guardians of Fire and
Clay: The Legacy of China's Kiln Gods."

If anyone would like to converse with me about the subject of kiln gods (or
kiln guardians as I like to call them) please feel free to tell me a kiln god
tale or two, or you could ask me questions about kiln gods if you like.

Thank you