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fs: bailey electric kiln (pictures)

updated tue 5 sep 00


Fay Goldie on sun 3 sep 00

Hi again,

I sent the following info to a few people privately, and it was
suggested I send it to the list as well... So here it is.

I'm located in Plattsburgh, upstate New York. I've uploaded some
pictures of the kiln to the following website: ... By clicking on each of the
links on this webpage you can view the pictures. The lid of the kiln
has been taken off for storage, but is easily put back on. There are 8
half shelves and I still have to take pictures of the kiln furniture
(i.e. posts).

I'm not sure which information you have seen already, so I will
include the following below:

>Bailey electric kiln for sale. The kiln specifications are as follows:
>Type: Electric, Model #: 2827-10, Serial #: 099593,
>Max Temp: 2350 (Cone 10 model), Cubic feet: 10,
>Timer: Dawson Kiln Sitter (LT-3K). The kiln is in
>excellent condition and has been fired only
>about 20 times (mostly low firings). It was bought
>new 1 year ago for 2,773.00. Looking to sell for
>about 1,600 or best offer (buyer pays shipping).
>If buyer picks up s/he may also take about 100 molds--
>60 of which are Crest and the others are various--for

The outside dimesions of the kiln are 41" X 35" X 32" (high)--the
stand adds approximately 12 additional inches in height. The kiln was
set up and working in a small room the size of a little kitchen. The
kiln needs to be at least 12" away from any walls.

If you would like to know anything else, feel free to ask.

Take care,