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clay waste water. an asset, not a liability

updated fri 8 sep 00


iandol on mon 4 sep 00

Why dispose of this water? I presume this comes either from making clay =
or as residue from throwing. Water accumulated from settling slurry =
should be recycled to provide lubricant for throwing. The clay shold be =
reclaimed as a resource.

Though I would be unable to give a scientific reason I regard this as =
Well Tempered Water. It seems to behave in a way which is superior to =
rain water or the doctored stuff which comes out of the mains tap. =
Analysis might show if it has undergone ion exchange and had soluble =
salts removed by the clay which it has been in contact with. If this is =
so it would reduce the degree of destruction of the flock structure, a =
state of clay about which we seem to know nothing.

Does it seem reasonable to suggest that water of this ilk would cause =
less sloughing of the clay as you throw because absence of solubles in =
the lubricant should prevent deflocculation.

Ivor Lewis.

Veena Raghavan on tue 5 sep 00

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>Why dispose of this water? <

Hi Ivor,
Thanks for your timely post, timely for me, because I have just
begun throwing in my own studio. I have been taking the advice from other
Clayarters, using multiple buckets and containers, syphoning off the water
and reclaiming the clay. Your idea of using this water for throwing is a
great one and is already in use!
All the best.

Veena Raghavan

Martin Howard on wed 6 sep 00

Is anything "waste" or "rubbish"?
There is always an alternative use for by-products.
It just takes a little lateral thinking.

We might get a more civilised society if we deleted those two words from the

Martin Howard
Webb's Cottage Pottery
Woolpits Road, Great Saling