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ceramics usa and sandi simon workshop

updated tue 5 sep 00


Jim Sydnor on mon 4 sep 00

University of North Texas in Denton TX will be having the Ceramics USA =
ceramics show opening the weekend of Oct 13-14. In conjunction with the =
show, which was juried by Ellen Shankin, Sandi Simon will be presenting =
the awards and giving a workshop.

All those interested in either the workshop or the show can find out =
more information by contacting or or =
e-mail me and I will find out the specifics for you.=20

This is always a wonderful show and Doug Grey and Dannon Rudy have been =
doing a wonderful job with it for years. So please come out and support =
the show. The fees for the workshop are usually quite reasonable as =

Jim Sydnor
Traditions Clayworks