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tax deductible pottery equipment

updated wed 6 sep 00


Jeff Seefeldt on sat 2 sep 00

I've only reached the point this year that I feel comfortable selling my pottery,
I'm sure I'll still be at a net loss, probably significant since I've bought more
supplies and clay this year than usual. I was wondering if there is any way to
deduct the cost of my kiln and wheel that I bought several years ago?


Mudnjoy@AOL.COM on tue 5 sep 00

I'm a small one person operation, a bit more enchanted with being an
independent artist rather than focused on making an impressive living.
Although I keep my overhead down every way I can (I'm cheap), I use a good
accountant for my taxes and advise. I figure I get my moneys worth, she
keeps up with changing tax regulations and I most likely won't get audited.
If I do she handles it. It's worth it. I teach a business class for artists
and have listened to a guest speakers on accounting, bookkeeping and income
tax regulations for 14 years. I'll build my own equipment, make my own
repairs, recycle my own clay but thank goodness for my CPA.
Joy in Tucson