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selling or not selling pots

updated mon 4 sep 00


Joyce Lee on sat 2 sep 00

> "Trading intuition and creativity for something that sells isn't a good
> transaction. If one's work never provides economic security, at least one
> has the satisfaction of doing what feels right. Money can't buy that." -
> Willem Gebben Quote from Ceramics Monthly Comment September 1990
We've done this discussion before but Lee Love's gift of the above quote
reminds me once again how absolutely pleased&thrilled I am that I chose
NOT to sell my pots ... which decision was much influenced by
Clayarters. It makes all the difference that I'm retired with previously
earned monies coming in monthly .... just want you to know that I'm
aware of that very pertinent fact ....but somehow after being "in"
pottery for a couple of years I developed the idea in my old, fat head
that that's what one does with functional work ... I hated that process
of getting ready for sales (loved the show/sale itself, but I only
participated in two .... too soon to make such a judgement) ... and felt
terribly guilty when I made the decision (or half made the decision;
took awhile to really own it as mine) not to worry about nor plan for
sales. After another year or so I banished the Guilts and am absolutely
thoroughly loving what I'm presently doing. Pure joy! It's through
Clayart and clayarters that I began to see what I needed to do.

I still work in the studio daily for several hours .... sometimes all
day into the night ..... most times 4 or 5 hours.... but the only
deadlines are self-imposed; and I DO impose them; we Capricorns are like
that I understand. I truck many pots to the dump still, give some away
to garden clubbers, sometimes to friends or strangers, some to the
thrift shops ...... and keep the few that I just adore, or think that
there's any remote chance I'll grow into such adoration. There's
something about our culture, or my own ideoculture perhaps, that says in
order to feel good about our work it must be saleable ... which makes us
"professionals," no matter how inept the product nor how boring the
process. Glad I got beyond that.. .. good lesson learned at any time of

In the Mojave preparing pork ribs for cooking ...... pressurecook them
first, THEN apply my own mixture of sauces and bake in a slow oven ...
and no grill to clean. ("mixture" is any barbacue sauces hanging around
the reefer or the pantry shelves... if absolutely necessary will buy a
couple bottles or more of different commercial brands.... mix all
together into same bowl, add crushed pineapple with juice, maybe an
onion, brown sugar and catsup, if needed.) Coyotes howl for miles
around....... wish y'all could come on over.......

Elca Branman on sun 3 sep 00

One of my favorite quotes, from John Le Carre, the author' is...

"If the work is going well, the money doesn't matter and if the work is
going badly, it doesn't help."

Elca.. at home in Sarasota,Florida,USA

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