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re beginner glaze materials

updated mon 4 sep 00


Jeff Seefeldt on sun 3 sep 00

I consider myself a beginner I've been mixing my own glazes for a few
years. I still fumble around alot.

here are some of my mistakes you don't need to repeat.

1. some materials go by several different names, (mel had a post on
this last week.)

2.. I bought an OHaus Triple Beam balance, it works well and is very
accurate but I recently bought a digital Sunbeam Postal / kitchen
scale, It is so much nicer to have the quick digital readout and tare
features. ( it was much cheaper too, but very accurate)

3. Price shop, suppliers differ greatly in price. I buy most of my
materials from US Pigment I'm not
advertising, I just wanted to let you know I've been very happy with the
price and service I get.

4. Take advantage of quantity discounts on materials. Sometimes you
can buy a whole bag for just a bit more than 25#.

5. I found using a one cup measure I could guess how much material I
had in the bowl before I actually needed to watch the scale, just know
about how much one cup of your materials weigh. if you use discarded
mugs,, they are never the same size ( unless you are a pretty good
thrower already ), check this posting
someone already listed many materials by grams / cup

6. I don't use rubbermaid totes to store my materials in. I use
Sterilite brand.

I went to the basement one day to find a stack of storage totes had
fallen over. the sides of the rubbermaid totes are softer and will
crush in under the weight of other containers stacked on top of them.

That is the beginning of my list of mistakes,, I have many, many more if
you want to hear them contact me off list.


Does anyone have more info on that St Louis show next weekend? When /