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resources for new teachers. was: overwhelmed, needing help,

updated sat 2 sep 00


iandol on thu 31 aug 00

advice & comforting

Dear Jeff Seefeldt,

No need to feel like that. Kids are powerful stuff. Ask them about the =
sort of thing they would like to make.

Resources: look for Clay in School by Joan DeanISBN 0-237-29000-6

Clay in the Primary School by Warren Farnworth, ISBN 0-7134-2323-4

Working with Clay and Plaster by David Cowley, ISBN 0823058662. This =
has a super dust jacket. Show what kids did with their crashed matchbox =
cars. Made a hollow lum of clay, pressed the cars and tyres into it to =
give it shape, removed the cars and cast in plaster. Instant miniature =
wreckers yard.

Hope that brings some comfort,


Ivor Lewis. Vote NO, NO, NO, to Nuclear Waste Dumps in South Australia