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resources for new teachers. was: overwhelmed,

updated sat 2 sep 00


Sharon31 on fri 1 sep 00

needing help,advice & comforting

I was silent for a while. The heat & the computer caused it.
Resources for new teachers. The first resource, and the
best, is between your ears.(that is why Van Gogh had a problem finding it)!
You teach what you know best, of coarse, must fit your pupils!
My pupils are children age 6-12
disable youth 15-18
and women 30-40
(looks like a recipe?)

First I send you to letters I posted before:

I try, to teach them , all, THE SAME THING at the same time(?????)
No doubt A tall vase will look different if it according to the person that
makes it but the main point is don't do too many different subjects in the
same time!
Visit sites and get ideas! I had shoed once, to "my" women, a picture of a
vase with beautifull 'leaf' on it, brought them some leaves and since than,
they brought leaves and developed it to many more shapes plates saucers
vases and more. (especially fig leaves that look similar to wine leaves).
Go to Jonhatan Kaplan article at
No I do not send you because of the "mysterious blue". Kaplan Has a lot of
ideas, about glazing, I heard all of them from my teacher. But here they
come in one page. easy to remind you and give you hints of ideas.
go to
A lot of ideas+ tutorials.
Be careful from asking too much your students, if they are young what they
want to do, they might want things they cannot do or you cannot teach!
And remember you try to get the best,results but accept every work that your
student does(some are not talented) like it is a good work! Some student
accept criticism, while the others will stop create!