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pit firing in los angeles???

updated sat 2 sep 00


PurpleLama@AOL.COM on fri 1 sep 00

Frequently when I drive along the beach in El Segundo (Los Angeles, CA), I
see people around fires on the beach. This is the only beach in the area
where I have seen fires on the beach. I'm wondering whether anyone has done a
pit firing on the beach in El Segundo (as the planes take off overhead from
LAX). If so, could you fill me in on the details - whether you need
permission, whether you need reservations,etc. ?

Is there anyone in the LA area interesting in having a pit fire on the beach
in El Segundo? I am willing to explore the possibility of doing so if a
couple of other ClayBuds would do the pit firing with me. Because of my
work/travel schedule, I would have to do the pit firing on Friday night.

Looking forward to the long weekend home in Redondo Beach, CA

Shelley Corwin on fri 1 sep 00

we pit fire regularly in la. , i teach classes in it too. at dockweiler
you're in danger of falling chunks from airplanes. thornehill broome just n.
of the ventura line, or leo carillo, or seal beach near newport, all allow
fires. we're doing it again late oct and maybe earlier, and there is an
annual one with the local scal american ceramic society. at thornehill, one
in aug on catalina. contact me directly thu for all