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currie fall workshops

updated sat 2 sep 00


Hank Murrow on fri 1 sep 00

Ruth Ballou wrote:
For some reason my posts to Clayart aren't making it through. I written a
couple of things lately and nothing has gotten on. I think it's a computer
glitch. I'm leaving shortly to take my eldest to college, so this will have
to wait until I return to sort out. Can you post it for me?

So Hank wrote:
>Ian Currie's approach to understanding glazes has been mentioned many
>times on Clayart. Students who have studied his method learn how to expand
>a glaze palette and develop an ability to interpret glaze testing results.
>Central to his approach is an appreciation of the vital role that alumina
>and silica play in color response, maturity, crazing and glaze surface
>effects such as mattness, shininess, orange-peel, as well as opalescence,
>opacity and color-breaks. These effects are studied in this hands-on
>workshop that uses "mass production" techniques and cooperative division
>of labor. Workshop participants test multiple variations of glazes over
>the two days of the workshop. Fired results are analyzed the second day.
>More information about Ian Currie can be found at
>You can learn about his new book "Revealing Glazes: Using the Grid Method"

Here's the schedule of "Currie Parties" for this Fall:
September 16 Cambridge, Wisconsin ---- Mark Skudlarek

September 23 Coopersburg, PA ------ Steve Lathrop

October 6 Harrisburg Area Community College, PA Jim Lard

October 14 Plymouth, Michigan ---- Nancy Guido,
October 21 Montgomery College, Rockville, MD ---Kevin Hluch

Thanks for posting, Hank in Eugene