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updated fri 2 jul 10


Pdragrande@AOL.COM on fri 1 sep 00

I was amazed that so many people were interested in the Ceramics Monthly
magazines that I offered yesterday. They are nice, but they take up a lot of
room. When you move some things have to go. All of the people who responded
seemed so nice. So I put all of the names in a (hand thrown) bowl and had
my husband draw one out. Jim Gorman was the lucky winner! He teaches at a
YMCA, so that is a good place for them to go. I only wish I had more
magazines to give away.

Karen Sullivan on thu 1 jul 10

I know this has been posted before...
But I have 30 years of Ceramics Monthly
Magazines I would like to part with.
I considered selling them on ebay...
And the task seems very tedious.
So....donating them seems the way to go....
I have some copies from the 1950's...
That are sadly not pristine...but
Had sections cut out...
Otherwise they are in good condition

If someone is interested...
I am in Southern California...
And would consider donating
The magazines.
I am not interested in paying
To ship...

Let me know....
Karen sullivan