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"turn-table" in kiln : idea

updated sun 3 sep 00


Philip Poburka on fri 1 sep 00

Hi Joyce, and all -

I would think a 'Turn-Table' could be made of refractory, fitted to an
'axle'- Hollow Sturdy refractory tube-(vertical, of course), and supported
'loosely' in some refractory Collar/bearing of sorts - have any height you
wish this to reach IN the Kiln...this admits of only a very small(or really
almost no 'leak' where it comes up through the bottom of the Kiln.The
'refractory-bearings' would be especially shaped, and 'packed' with Kaolin
Underneath the kiln, a gear reduced motor, shaft and 90 degree bevel drive,
or chain drive of one kind or another would be set up. The more 'room' under
the Kiln, the better I suppose, but not necessary to have much room.

I expect something along these lines would work just fine. I could send you
a drawing of what this looks like in my head, you could make a 'system' like
this, or I could build / make it for you, and then you could put 'er to the
'test'...It'll work.

I have two or three ways in my thoughts of how this can be done
for small Pieces/Pots, and for Large/Heavy wouldn't take up much
room in your kiln.

Aside from that it is an interesting idea, why do you want to do this? Is
there a need for something like this? in the Potter's
Community?...'certainty' of glaze Results and all, for certain Work? even
out the 'variables' which result from placement...?


in Las Vegas