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updated thu 31 aug 00


mptw on wed 30 aug 00

[Hi everyone - I have searched the archives and can't seem to find anything
about tile adhesive for OUTDOOR application. I live in Alaska and someone
wants me to make some ceramic house numbers for her. Obviously, we have
very cold weather and lots of freeze/thaw in the spring time.]

[Finishing up the first phase of a tile order here and almost ready to ship
some of it off.
Have 90 sq feet of 4x4" tile to ship, wondering if anyone has any special
packing tips for tile in particular? I am familiar with shipping pots, but
not tile...]

Hi folks,

We deal with tile alot here at the Moravian Tile Works so hopefully I can
point you two in the right direction. Our experience with packing tiles
(4x4) has been that they are best wrapped in paper 4 to a pack with paper
in between each tile. We place these packs tightly into a 10x10x10 carton
with about an inch and a half of paper tightly packed between the tiles and
the walls of the carton. The carton is then placed into a 16x16x16 inch
carton with peanuts between the two cartons. Never had a trouble with this
and UPS recommended the technique. Generally speaking, whenever I'm trying
to figure out how to pack something I talk to the folks who are insuring this case UPS.

As for tile adhesives...there are lots out there...You just need one that
is freeze/thaw stable. Talk to your supplier. Most importantly it should
be installed at "normal" temp ~70 degrees F.

Hope this is helpful

Adam Zayas
Head Ceramist
Moravian Pottery & Tile Works

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