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ian currie glaze workshop announcement in pa/nj

updated thu 31 aug 00


Stephen C. Lathrop on wed 30 aug 00

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Ian Currie Glaze Workshop Announcement. If
you are in the Eastern Pennsylvania or New
Jersey area and are interested in
understanding glazes without chemistry and
discovering new glazes this is the workshop
for you. We still have some places left in
the weekend workshop on Sept 23-24 just off
I-78 15 minutes from the Delaware river in
Coopersburg PA. That is 10 minutes below
Bethlehem and or east of Quakertown in a
beautiful setting of the rolling hills and
farms of northern Bucks County. Times for
each day, sat. 9:30 till around 5:00 and
Sunday 10:00 till 4:30. Gable and DeLana
expanded the Clay Works studio this year
to accommodate more students. If you are
interested you may contact me directly by
email for additional information, needed
materials, costs and directions at We have some limited
accommodations and camping within sight of
the workshop. Ian is touring the US this
fall from Australia to reveal his simple
recipe techniques to understanding glazes.
The workshop outline is as follows:

The systematic method developed by Ian
Currie for studying glazes has
proven a powerful tool for students of
ceramics. The method is outlined in
his book "Stoneware Glazes: A Systematic
Approach". A recent publication
is a paper in which he shows how this
approach can be used for original
research into glazes over a wide range of
firing temperatures without a knowledge
of Seger Formula. See in Ceramics
Technical No. 4: "A Systematic Recipe
Approach to Studying Glazes". This new
approach is also outlined at the web site:

The workshop will involve taking
participants through the Systematic Recipe
Method as outlined in the Ceramics Technical
article. Being a recipe method, it is
accessible to all regardless of their
understanding of glaze chemistry. At the
end of the first day students will have
possibly 5 sets of glazes (about 175
individual glazes) ready for firing, and
will understand the method. Where the
workshop extends to a second day, the Glazes
can be fired overnight and participants will
be able to see andassess the results and
explore possibilities with group discussions.
On the second day there are a number of other
possible activities including lectures on glaze
theory, slide lectures on Japanese pottery
including wood firing and pottery in general,
and more time to work one to one with students.
There may also be time for some more practical
work, extending on the results from the first

One of the problems of many other approaches
to glaze research is a failure to emphasize
the vital importance of alumina and silica
variations in pinning down specific effects
and discovering exciting new glazes.
Systematic variation of alumina and silica,
along with the fluxes, is central to this
method, and is largely responsible for its
success. The method is organized so that one
is able to separate out the variables and
therefore highlight cause and effect. It
gives precise control and understanding of
things like color response, maturity, crazing,
glaze surface phenomena such as mattness,
shininess and orange-peel surface, as well as
opalescence, opacity, color-break phenomena
etc. Another feature of the workshop is the
use of "mass production" techniques to make
and apply glazes quickly, and also cooperative
division of labor sharing out the work between
groups and sharing the results. A lot will be
achieved in a day. We will also have available
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?s newly released book Revealing Glazes.
Revealing Glazes - Using the Grid Method" by
Ian Currie (Bootstrap Press) To see "Contents"
and extensive extracts go to: .
If you do not attend the workshop and still
want to buy the book, go to:

Your Co-hosts for Ian, Gable Young, DeLana
Hornbeck, and Stephen C. Lathrop. Alternate Co-host contacts DeLana
( ) or Gable ( ) for
mailings and brochures.