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functional glaze?

updated mon 28 aug 00


Ron Roy on sun 27 aug 00

This glaze is seriously short of silica and I think it is not an ideal
glaze for functional work. Acidic foods will surely affect it. I would
suggest - if it must be used - to substitute 6.75 strontium Carb for the
Barium Cab.

It's expansion is very high and it will craze on most clay bodies.

It also has over 10% Magnesium carb - making crawling a distinct possibility.


>semi gloss to gloss
>cone 5-6
>reduction or oxidation
>neph sy 146
>whiting 40
>mag carb 25
>barium carb 9
>epk 9
>silica 9
>zircopax 10%
>glaze developed in 1970's at Glenn echo park in washington and is e=xcellent
>for functional ware and alos as a good liner glaze for salt. no known glaze

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