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where to put an electric kiln

updated thu 24 aug 00


Euclids Kilns & Elements on wed 23 aug 00

General safety notes for an electric kiln -
-the kiln should be a minimum of 12" away from the wall, 5-10" off the =
ground, 30" between kiln and ceiling. These are minimums, more is =
-The kiln should not be on, beside or below anything combustible, for =
example shelves overhead holding papers or a wooden floor. Over the =
years, the heat from the kiln can dry these out and make them very =
flammable. Remove what you can and protect what you cannot move. You =
can protect a floor with patio stones and ceiling or wall with a sheet =
of aluminum or cement board held 1-3" off the ceiling/wall to baffle or =
deflect the heat. It is important to have air circulation in behind the =
-Check connections for overheating and corrosion on a routine basis.
-There should be a shut off device with in sight of the kiln. =20
-We highly suggest using a kiln vent if the kiln will be in an enclosed =
area without proper air circulation. Some of the fumes emitted when =
firing ceramics are toxic.
-It is recommended that you are present (up to and including) the =
anticipated end time to make sure the kiln does not overfire or if need =
be, to physically turn off the kiln.

If you have any specific questions on safety, we would be happy to =
answer them.

Shannon O'Brien
Euclid Kilns & Euclid's Elements