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odd tale and white crackle question

updated wed 23 aug 00


Lizacat29@AOL.COM on tue 22 aug 00

First: white crackle
I fired some pieces with white crackle and many had a lot of bubbling. I
assumed I had the stuff on too thickly. I am wondering if I should make
fewer coats (I put 3) or if I should mix in more water (I had it about the
consistency of heavy cream). Also, it sometimes seems the
beige, although the clay beneath was white. In the same batch I got some
really nice crackle on one piece, but I wish I knew why! Any hints on
getting great white crackle?

Second: only if you care about the special ed question. Joyce, I have been
there/done that too and I don't know the answers. I decided the only thing I
could do was approach inclusion from the other side and become the
"includer", so I switched from special ed to a regular classroom. And I do
feel that I did more good with my four dyslexic students last year than I did
in having them as a special ed teacher 3 to 4 years previous.