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firebox query

updated tue 22 aug 00


Stuart Altmann on mon 21 aug 00

Dear kiln experts:

Perhaps you can help me with a problem. Our farmhouse is heated solely by
a Finish fireplace, the firebox of which fires much hotter than an ordinary
fireplace. The firebox is a closed chamber except for the air intake below
the floor and the chimney flue above. It is lined inside with medium-duty
fire bricks rated slightly above the specified 2600 F. After about 15
years of use, the bricks and mortar in the firebox, particularly at the
back, are wearing away at their exposed surfaces. Replacing the bricks
would be very difficult.

So, can anyone recommend an appropriate surface treatment? Perhaps
something that can be brushed or troweled on, that will stick even to a
slightly-more-than vertical (i.e. slightly overhanging) surface, that will
air-set (?), that can withstand, say, 3000 F, that will fill in depressions
in the bricks and mortar, and that will extend the life of the firebox?

Because I am not regularly on Clayart now, and because this query is not
immediately related to Clayart's usual discourse, I would appreciate
receiving a personal reply at the email address given above and below.



email: office 'phone: 609/258-4520