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call to ts mud collectors

updated sat 19 aug 00


PERRY STEARNS on fri 18 aug 00

Thanks for the good steer re Vince and TS, Vince's method is more precise
than what I've been doing, probably because he works with larger quantities.
Ivor's msg today about distinguishing between a fusible colorant from TS/mud
at ^10 and a burnishable surface at ^010 points up the wide usefulness of TS

Vince is working with known and stable clays; I work with cupsful of
claylike muds that come to me from around CO, MI, AZ and a few from
Guerrero, Mex. Just now I'm going through all my collection with these
Ferro frits at ^06 and ^04: 3110, 3125, 3134,3195, 3278, 3292, 3403, 3419,
3819. Four unique hues have emerged from these tests. Some of the muds
need no frit to make a show at these temps; such would likely turn to dust
at high temp.

So two Q: Have I overlooked a useful lo-fire frit to test? Where should I
start with my muds to test for hi-fire oxy or reduc fusibility?