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kiln book

updated sun 25 apr 10


Setsu on wed 16 aug 00

I am a biginner potter, looking for a good kiln book which explains many
firing pattern.
Can anybody suggest one?
I fire cone6 oxidation with electric kiln.

Any comment would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


Wade Blocker on wed 16 aug 00

" Ceramics" by Glenn Nelson is a good book for you to consider. It has
more than just kiln information for a beginner. Another book is "The
Potter's Primer"by Eleanor Chroman.
Go to your public library and check out the books they have for more
help. Mia in hot ABQ

Linda Stauffer on fri 23 apr 10

Hi Mel,
Got the book this week. Watched the DVD, loved the wood firing with David.
On Apr 23, 2010, at 2:27 PM, mel jacobson wrote:

> i want to thank joyce for filling in for a few weeks.
> i have things in good order around here, and have started
> to make pots again.
> feels good.
> best to all.
> mel
> from: minnetonka, mn
> website:
> clayart link:
> new book:

Terry O'Neill on sat 24 apr 10

Dittos and Congrats to Mel and Friends!=3D20=3D20
Thanks for the autograph, Mel.
I may have to order another and save that valuable first edition for my=3D2=


David Hendley, you're a rock star, man! Next stop, Hollywood.

Thanks to all. Great book and video.