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writing in clay. designing possible solutions to the problem

updated tue 15 aug 00


iandol on sun 13 aug 00


Why not try a Tjanting, the tool used to make wax lines on cloth in the =
craft of Batik. They are quite cheap from a textile craft supplier. =
Spouts are of various diameters and they do have a large reservoir.

I have also cut my own flat ended reed pens and created an ink from =
ceramic stains with water, gum trag or acacia and a little glycerine to =
aid the flow for this sort of graphics work.=20

By the way, I am surprised that a workshop could be organised without =
the presenter having all this at their finger tips, or if it was an ad =
hoc experimental experiential function that prior guidance was not given =
in the form of directives to do some research before the event. There is =
an abundance of information about ink manufacture for artists and =
craftpeople. I have suggested one such mixture which can also be applied =
in a calligraphic manner with flat sable or one stroke lettering =
brushes. It is also possible to use alcohol , fixed with shellac as a =
medium or a drying oil as a binder for your pigments. In addition, I =
would incorporate a proportion of flux to ensure good adhesion within =
the glaze as it matures, or adhesion to green ware if it is to be =
underglaze work.=20

Hope this helps both you and others who are interested in designing =
unique solutions to your problems.


Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia.