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thoughts on san antonio

updated mon 14 aug 00


Jan Adams on sat 12 aug 00

We want to thank everyone who responded to my post about potters in San
Antonio. Clayarters can always be counted on to be the warmest bunch of
folks around. We didn't make it everywhere we would like to have gone
due to the fact that the pesky "other-related" conference took more time
than I would have liked. This is a beautiful city and I've loved the
bright colors and different types of arts/crafts I've seen here. Can't
say the same thing about the heat!! Tomorrow, we'll be heading back to
the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and I have to admit, I'm looking
forward to going home.

Speaking of going home, one of my favorite recollections of a past life
is of laying tiles in some sort of water system (possibly
sewer...doesn't matter a bit). The men I was working with and I were
all dressed in yellow robes and were Asian...bald for the most part. We
were laughing and I honestly don't remember a feeling of such peace or
happiness in this life. I had this recollection over ten years ago and
a few years ago, long after I had it, I saw a video about Tibet. Sure
enough, inside one of the monasteries, there were similar tiled troughs
that ran through in the floor. Usually, I just don't mention these
episodes to others. As a mental health professional, I know the nasty
things that can be said about experiences that cannot be attributed to
something we can explain "scientifically." In this case, tho, I feel
that it's important to do so because of two issues. First, I can offer
support to one of us who is asking pointedly whether anyone else has
experienced this type of thing. It seems quite a few have. Second, I
have been told all my life not to say or do anything to offend. I'm
finally to the point in my life that I can express myself
professionally, artistically and personally and if other take offense
when I voice my thoughts or create from my knowledge base, they can
surely say so. But they cannot tell me what I can or cannot say, do,
make or be.

Well, San Antonio was great!