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updated sun 13 aug 00


Sandra M Benscoter on sat 12 aug 00

Hi Helvi!

I remember the day that my new Skutt digital came. I sat for several
hours looking at the panel. The fear of turning it on, pushing the
wrong button and killing the kiln forever was overwhelming. I always
worked with the manual kiln.

Just insert your correct cone (double check - I've goofed several times)
for bisque or glaze. Load, leave the lid cracked a bit (if you don't
have a vent hookup to the kiln), set the timer to the end, put the
controls on low and push the start button. I used the following timing:
For a bisque firing, I fired on low for 3 hours, turn up to medium for 3
hours, then close the lid and turn to high. Will shut down when it
reaches temp.
For glaze, I fire for 2 hours on low, 2 hours on med. then close lid and
turn to high.

Friends use shorter cycles: 2 hrs (slow) and 2 hrs (med.) for bisque
and an hour and an hour for glaze..

We work in porcelain and stoneware clays.

You can experiment with the firing schedules to suit your glazes and the
thickness of your work.

Hope this helps!


where, although it is mid afternoon, the sky looks as if it's dusk!
Here comes the much needed rain!!!

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