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updated sat 12 aug 00


gracieallen on fri 11 aug 00

Hi, All.. after reading a few of these posts.. It
brought back a lost memory..Doing a show in
Greensboro, NC many years ago.. There was a really
cool gal... wish I could remember her name.. Had huge
coiled pots.. I'm 5'2" and some almost were the same
height... She was either single or newly divorced and
traveled with her pots in a ..get this ..Snap on Tool
truck that she had fashioned as her makeshift
truck/home away from home.. She would drive it right
into the building and let me tell you she could turn
that thing on a dime.. You all know how it is setting
up with booths all around you.. She had her clothes
rack set up inside as well as pots and all of her
booth set-up.. Nice gal,, maybe she's on Clayart..
would like to hear from her if so..She lived in the
Wilmington area I think...