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selling, booth duty/sugarloaf

updated sat 12 aug 00


KLeSueur@AOL.COM on fri 11 aug 00

Sugarloaf shows are put on by Deann and Geoge Verdier. They are based in
Maryland and have a website about their shows. Just search "Sugarloaf" and it
will get you there.

The shows tend to be expensive but very well organized and promoted. There is
a wide variety of work appealing to all levels of sophistication and price.
This approach offends some who want only a high end show. But the promoters
believe that anyone who pays the price of admission should be able to find
something to buy. They require that it be well made. They also require the
artist to be in attendance.

In my experience, Gaithersburg, MD and Novi, MI are the best selling shows.
Others have different experiences.

Kathi LeSueur