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a fritted version of the cone 6 clear or honey amber glaze

updated sat 12 aug 00


GURUSHAKTI@AOL.COM on fri 11 aug 00

I forgot that I also formulated a frit based version of that glaze. Here it

Cone 6 Ox

5.50 Custer feldspar
10.00 Silica
10.50 Spodumene
13.00 EPK
9 .00 Dolomite
13.00 Frit 3134
4.00 Zinc Oxide

Add colorants as in the other version.
This base would work for any colorant combinations you would put in a clear
base.The expansion is 7.06 --a bit lower than the other one and the ratio of
silica to alumina is 5. 68. This one is also untested.

Let me know if it works for you.

June Perry