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paul lewings workshop at kac

updated thu 10 aug 00


Linda Hughes on wed 9 aug 00

Michelle and anyone else in the Seattle area,
Since Paul can plug Ruth's workshop, I can plug his. I was able to take =
his workshop when it was presented at the Seward Park facility. Very =
informative and great fun as well. The guy has his stuff (glaze info =
that is) internalized. Watch out though, if you get him started on the =
limericks you will be laughing the whole time.
Michelle, remember that hot pink glaze you want to make, well Paul can =
steer you in the right direction. Yes you will be learning the Seger =
formula, but he also teaches you how to interpret all those numbers, =
ratios, and thermal expansion. No you don't have to reinvent the wheel, =
just be able to work with a whole lot easier.
I highly recommend it!!!!!! I am taking it again.
Always, Linda