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fun, joyce and terra sig

updated tue 8 aug 00


Sheron Roberts on mon 7 aug 00

Snipped from a may 25th post
by Sylvia Shirley
(yes I need to clean up my

"About Joyce Lee: If you EVER get the opportunity to meet
Joyce, grab it! She's such an incredible person. Kind,
sweet, funny, intelligent, talented, fair-minded, and
generous. Her husband Jim is the same. These are very
wonderful people, and I'm going to miss running out to their
place to visit. Thank goodness there's e-mail."

Is this the same Joyce with the little=20
black clouds following her around?

Cheer up Joyce,
Someone thinks you are a=20
fun person!

I have never met you in person,=20
but I do enjoy your postings,
and anyone who can take a=20
break from working in clay
to enjoy a sunset or the antics
of the little creatures, well,
that person is OK in my book,
clouds or no clouds
Sheron in NC (simply, utterly,
positively delighted and jumping
with joy, that the first batch
of terra sig I mixed up burnished
and fired beautifully)