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ash analysis question

updated mon 7 aug 00


GURUSHAKTI@AOL.COM on sat 5 aug 00

Does anyone have any idea of the composition of Madrone ash (also called
Pacific Laurel), Eucalyptus ash or Mesquite ash. I've checked my books and
can't find anything. I've got everything from apple, fir,Pear, rice hulls,
etc. but no Eucalyptus or Madrone (Pacific Laurel).


ferenc jakab on sun 6 aug 00

Following is a generalised ash formula for Wood ash (australian). It is
idealised and not necessarily representative of the species of Eucalypt you
have access to. There are over 700 species of Eucalypt and the chemical
anaysis varies according to where they grow.
the followong analysis is for Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) though I
think the species you have access to in the U.S. is Blue Gum (E. globula).
figures expressed as percentage.
SiO2 30.85
Al2O3 3.34
Fe2O3 2.74
MgO 3.62
CaO 19.18
Na2O 11.68
K2O 9.14
MnO 1.21
P2O5 14.04
SO3 3.77
Cl 0.46

I have no LOI figures for this species but LOI for peppermint gum is 31.15