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running cost of an electric kiln

updated fri 4 aug 00


Wade Blocker on wed 2 aug 00

I have a Skutt K1027-240. The cost of firing depends on your electricity
rates, and the duration of a firing. Do you intend to fire to cone 5 or 6,
or cone 10?.
For a bisque firing I estimate that I use 24 kwh, for a glaze firing cone
5 to 6 - 64kwh. Look at your electricity bill to find out what that would
cost you. The cost of power annually is a triviality compared to what you
pay for your kiln, upkeep and repair. It is also a deductible expense.Re
sitting in the sun. You surely do not intend to keep an electric kiln
outdoors.That would be a quick way to ruin it. If you are talking of the
sun coming through a sky light, that would not matter in the least. Mia
in ABQ