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updated tue 23 jul 02


Marcia Selsor on thu 3 aug 00

Dear Clayarters,
I am back from Tennessee and the App. Center for Crafts. What a great place!
I didn't have any current clayarters in my group, but they want to know
how to get on.
The facility is wonderful and in a beautiful setting.
It was great to be around such a creative bunch of craftsmen/women.
There was a wether vane metal class, an inlayed metal class,
basketweaving like you've never see (Patti Hill) bead work and
glassblowing. Activity all night long (when cool).
As part of my course, we ended up making a group arch. see attached.
Hope they fire it. It was a fast workshop -5 days.
I will be online for only the next two weeks and then I am off again.
Just set clayart mail to catch up. I responded to all my mail. Thanks to everyone.
I loved Tennessee. It is so green! Came back home to the burning West.
Marcia in Montana
Marcia Selsor

Rebecca Knight on sun 21 jul 02

I just spent a wonderful week at what was supposed to be the Clennell's
workshop at the Appalachian Center for Crafts but turned into the David
Hendley/Mark Issenberg workshop. David tried his best to follow the course
description so that we would get the demos we expected. As much as we were
disappointed that Tony and Sheila were unable to make it to the workshop, we
were thrilled that David agreed to stay and, with Mark's help, turn it into
a really great experience.

It was my first time at ACC, but it won't be the last. I've already picked
out the workshop I plan to attend next summer. ACC is an incredible place.
If anyone is in that area, please make it a point to stop in for a visit -
you won't be disappointed. One of the most fun things was discovering all
of the treasures planted around the campus, from a clay dog lying on it's
back in the flowers, clay totem poles, wrought iron mail box post, glass
pieces in unexpected places, etc., to my favorite, small clay people
climbing on a building overhang and being pulled up to the overhang (hard to

The best part of all was meeting the great people who attended and being
able to spend an uninterrupted week living in the clay studio, leaving only
to eat at Mama Lea's.

I could go on and on, but I won't.

Vince, you're doing a great job there and I can appreciate now your efforts
to ensure funding continues.

Tony and Sheila, I hope to see you at a future workshop.

David and Mark, thanks for a memorable week.

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