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delivery charge/shipping options

updated fri 4 aug 00


Jean Cochran on wed 2 aug 00

Dear Jonathan,

I'm sure I speak for at least one or two other potters when I say, I'd
rather spend the time driving and delivering an order than I would
packing it. One, I get a break away from the studio. Two, I get one on
one with my patron and they are better able to represent me when they
are fired by my enthusiasm. Three, I hate to pack, I hate to pack, I
hate to pack.

Otherwise, my ears are still open on this discussion.

Jean Wadsworth Cochran
Fox Hollow Pottery
New Haven, Kentucky, USA, Earth (sometimes)

Stephani Stephenson on wed 2 aug 00

At Alchemie Studio, we started charging for deliveries about 9 months
We only deliver once or twice a month, to San Diego and Los Angeles
We charge anywhere from $10 to $100 per drop off, depending on how many
drop offs and how many boxes.
Alchemie had been doing it for free for years, but a few things changed

1.The price of gas went up to $1.70 a gallon
2. deliveries often take up the better part of a day or an entire day,
when progress on other work can't be made.
3. this is southern California, driving is not usually fun. (Certainly
not the hit the open road, clear your head kind of fun.)
4. sometimes little things add up to a big difference on the balance
sheet. At the end of the day you can maybe worry a little less
about paying the bills, and ponder instead , all of those new and
inspiring ideas for artwork, eh?
5. many of our deliveries are to major, high end distributors who cater
to people with far more money than any or ALL of us at the studio
will ever see. We decided they didn't need or even notice the charity,
er, nicety.
6. even with the delivery charge they still pay less than they would
pay for commercial shipping.
7. Does Laguna deliver clay for free? (in Calspeak, like , haard-
8. It was downright silly not to charge... and doggone it, people
still like us.

P.S. I agree with Paul , I'd much rather deliver than pack and pack and
and, no we don't charge for every single time we take something to

Also, for our other shipping, we have just switched to fedex ground
service (used to be RPS) .So far , so good. Rates and time frame
compare to UPS.
One interesting difference when you have an account and pick up service
is that UPS stops by everyday no matter what. If you ship over $50 a
week you pay around $8 per week for the service. If you ship under
$50/week, you pay $11 per week...if you ship NOTHING at all one week you
still have to pay $15 for that week with UPS

With fedex, you call or email to schedulea pickup the next day.or on a
given day.. if you don't ship anything out one week they don't charge
you for that week. Otherwise it's $7 per week over $50 and $10/week
under $50. You are billed on a monthly basis. The scheduling, record
keeping , labeling and invoicing seem very straightforward so far. And
it IS nice to have someone come to the door to pick up the boxes.

I would also recommend, for large orders, checking out trucking
companies. Quite often palletized freight is very reasonable, and
easier on the 'goods'. Also, you can send it freight collect, which
means you don't have to front the freight money in the first place.
Stephani Stephenson
Alchemie Studio
Leucadia CA

Jonathan Kaplan on wed 2 aug 00

Unless one were going to visit, make a trip, take a vacation, or just want
to chill, I see no reason to spend time delivering an order even if the
customer is 25 minutes away. My time is more valuable in the shop, haing
downtime, or with my family. They could pay me alot of money to deliver
that order, but quite frankly, it is not worth my time. Now unless that
account wants to meet with you and discuss a larger order for their 5-10
branch stores, that is another story. That falls under acount maintenance
and really has nothing to do with delivery!

UPS has so many options for shipping. We use their Online Office and with
the permission of the consignee, you can direct bill their account. Of if
they are a real volume shipper with UPS, they may be set up for consignee
billing. All these options are easily set in Online Office.

We also ship with Fed Ex and their FEDEX SHIP program is quite versatile also.

Potters often think that their time is not worth anything so they don't
account for it in costing their items or in delivery trips to vendors. My
time as well as that of all our staff gets factored into every part of the
pottery making operation from unlading trucks to materials preparation and
packing and shipping. Its simple bottom line stuff and I think that if you
want to run your business into the ground, then don't account for your
time. I certainly think otherwise.

Why is you time not valued?


Jonathan Kaplan
Ceramic Design Group LTd/Production Services
PO Box 775112
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477
(970) 879-9139 voice and fax

UPS: 1280 13th St. Unit13
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487