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ups problems

updated wed 2 aug 00


Jonathan Kaplan on mon 31 jul 00

I really don't see what all the bruhaha is over UPS. We have shipped with
them for 25 years and have learned that in order to have their system work
for you, you need to learn how to pack your pots correctly.

Its really very simple. If you value your work and have spent alot of time
and effort in its creation, does it not follow that you need to spend as
much time, if not more, to pack your wares so they survive the brutality of
the UPS system?

Why is that such a problem? It doesn't have to do with the fact that we are
business shipping many boxes a day or just an individual potter shipping a
few boxes per week.
Get out of the poverty mentality and do it correctly.

UPS deals with millions of boxes daily. Their system is designed for
maximum efficiency. They don't care if its this side up or fragile or any
other stuff you affix to the exterior.

Its whats inside that should be of the utmost concern to you. Don't skimp
on packing materials or boxes. Don't have a poverty mentality when it comes
to packing your ware and buying packaing materials and boxes. Its you
livelihood and should be treated accordingly. Unless you don't value you
work, but that's another story.

If you don't take the time and effort, you will be rewarded with shards. I
shared our packing system with the list a few years ago. I am sure that you
can search the archives for the description, or check out Steven Branfman's
last book. The system is described in it. If you forward me a SASE, I'll
send you a one page diagram and description. It works, its simple, its not
cheap, but we have had 2 claims in 1999 and 1 claim so far this year.
Speaks pretty well for having staff pack many pots over many years.


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