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updated tue 1 aug 00


Penny Hosler on sun 30 jul 00

Perhaps someone may have an inkling what's happening to me. Firing my =
greenware, with underglaze (rated ^06-^10)applied, to ^06. So far, so =
good. Then wiping down with a damp sponge, glazing with ^4-^6 clear =
glaze , and firing to ^6. I'm getting little flecks of the underglaze =
floating up into the clear. And if I put it on too thickly and the =
glaze crawls, it pulls the underglaze up with it in BIG chunks. The UG =
is folded back from the bare clay area just like a package being =
unwrapped. Interesting, but definitely not what I want. (for anyone =
who's interested, I'm using Tacoma Clay Art's Fireshade underglaze and =
their PZN Clear)

I'm stumped.

Penny in WA

Mayssan1@AOL.COM on mon 31 jul 00

Dear Penny:
I do the same method only with Mason stains and a Spectrum clear or home made
clear and get the same results sometimes.
I found blue to be the worst offender, I don't get that much anymore, because
I started adding more frit to the stains when I mix with water, also got my
hand to go light on the color, By mixing more water in.
I hope this helps, at least to know you're not alone.
Mayssan Shora Farra
in WV where it is going to rain again today