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bus. of clay/s. branfman's book

updated sat 29 jul 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on fri 28 jul 00

The Potter's Professional Handbook offered many, many good and fwll =
thought out=20
advice(s). I read specific chapters that pertain to my particular area =
of "development"
in my business. Alisa's Pot Shop has been open since May and is =
thriving and doing
well. Steven's book is an excellent guideline to getting started and =
help along the way.
Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark

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Fra: Diane G. Echlin
Dato: 27. juli 2000 20:22
Emne: Re: Business of Clay

>Are the
>Wendy Rosen books or Steve Branfman's new book worth getting?
>I can whole-heartedly recommend Steve Branfman's book: it is very well =
>out, down to earth, and informative. There are so many nuggets of =
wisdom in there,
>it is surely worth the price many times over!
>(And I have no affiliations with Steve or the Potter's Shop.)
>Di in Connecticut, glad for the rain but wishing it would stop now!
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