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^ 10 reduction firing? different for reds vs shinos...

updated sat 29 jul 00


Andrew Clift on fri 28 jul 00

Hi folks,
In the past I have done a lot of high-fire firings for
large studios with lots of students with many types of
glazes in the kiln at one time. I fired the kilns in a
way that seems to be the standard way of doing it at
many universities and schools. What I would like to
get a better understanding of, is the subtle
differences in firing, ie: reduction - how hard, and
when, for firing Shinos vs. Copper Reds, Celedons and
what ever else any one can come up with.

It has been a while since I have posted. I assure you
though, I have been reading posts and working on my
site the Claystation when I get a chance. My main
focus right now is my wedding which is in three weeks.
I did not realize it would be so much work. I guess
thats what you get when you plan a wedding in Delaware
from Southern California.
If anyone is interested we do have a wedding web-site

Thanks for your time and an advanced thank you for
your opinions about firing.


Andy Clift
Redlands CA
(909) 307-6346 cyberspace's Grand Central Station for
Ceramic Arts. The home page is at
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