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no crackle raku

updated wed 26 jul 00


Bruce Gioia on tue 25 jul 00

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From: James Bledsoe

> No-Crackle? Looking deeper back into this thread the question was "how
> i get no-crackle"
> Could you share a no-crackle glaze with us?

Most if not all my work has been...
I'm starting to wonder, in "fu-fu" raku.
I can see the "truth" in the higher fire carbon trap shino's etc.
But Raku will always be my first love.

I am holding in my hand one of my favourite
from the "venus" series...
A palm sized torso carved exclusively with my
finger nails that evolved from a shape found in a lump of clay.
It fits my hand like a glove and has been charm of sorts for me.

It has no crackle...none! micro or otherwise.
I did a water absorption test the other night.
But after four hours 83 grams became 85 so I terminated.
I can only say that it is a completely glazed surface so
the pock marks from the stilts and tongs are the culprit.
Anyhow, the glaze...

The notes are unclear as it was two years back when I made them
and they are a bit cryptic... just as well.

Glaze one is 1,2,3,
1 part silica
2 part EPK
3 part GB (from Pipenburgs raku)

plus (I probably made this one up)
6 parts 1,2,3,
1 part tin oxide
4 parts copper carbonate

Ivory white (pipenburg?)
1 part GB
1 part cornwall stone
1 part Nepheline Syenite
1 part frit 3134
1/4 part zircopax

I am unclear here (just as well)

My notes say random application with course sponge.
splashing layers of glaze on one over the other...
Started or followed (?) with the ivory white (try both)
Depending on the desired level of gloss.

Some how I remembered (?) the glazes as Ivory in combinaton
with a copper penny type glaze...

Experiment with all the possible combinations...
the key is random patterns/layers with the rough sponge

Good reduction in sawdust or what have you...
lots of burping with hot bursts of flame.
And finish off with water injection for good effect...
Steam and smoke...primordial soup transformation type stuff..
Basically blow the neighbours away [g]
Fu-fu raku maybe... but hell fire it rules!

The results are ...really fine.
Deep semi gloss emerald into a carbon black
falling into mottled lighter shades of green and yellows
picking up again into oranges through satin matt reds, browns
till rising once again to the carbon black of darkness.

I call it jaded copper.
(it was a secret)
I would like to hear how it works for others ...
Let me know



Eydie DeVincenzi on tue 25 jul 00

I had no idea that my request for a no-crackle CLEAR glaze would result i=
so many pro-crackle discussions. Let me clarify: I like crackle just a=
much as the next guy/gal. Crackle seems to be replacing Apple Pie as the=

great American symbol . And Crackle was my favorite of the breakfast
trio, but not right now...

I am experimenting with my colored clay patterns peeking through a reduce=
pot, and don't want any distractions....such as crackle.

I've taken all the input from everyone and will run tests on August 1st
when I smoke up the neighborhood. I'll let you know the results.
Eydie =