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salt glaze . . .

updated tue 25 jul 00


project Aquagama on mon 24 jul 00

Craigh, Phil et al,

I would agree with Phil=B4s comment, and/but would like to add that =
it=B4s probably the colloidal matter in the shino=B4s that make them =
susceptible to carbon entrapment, ie, your choice of clay is critical - =
preferably it should be a highly plastic (high percentage of colloidal =
clay particles) with a nice high carbon content (show=B4s up in the =
analysis as loi - loss on ignition) ie. a good english ball clay. The =
reason for using nepheline syenite as a flux in these glazes is to keep =
the silica-content low and alumina high - the alumina/iron/sodium ratio =
is critical f=F6r the development of the orange colours.=20
And last - beware of water in the kiln atmosphere . . . .