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good book on design.

updated mon 24 jul 00


Khaimraj Seepersad on sat 22 jul 00

Good Day to All ,

Antoinette ,

This book - Ceramics for the Potter - F.H.Norton
was very informative [ pretty old 1956 ] , and has
a good chapter on the basic stuff -
Chapter 14 - Application of Design Theory to Pottery .
Actually just a good book to read and study .

Just looking and drawing from Iznik , Sung , Attic Ware
and so on would also help . See also nature , for shapes
like gourds , tendrils , leaves etc.
Best of Luck ,

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From: Timakia@AOL.COM
Date: 22 July 2000 11:48
Subject: Good book on design.

>Will someone please refer good books on design to me by which a potter and
>sculptor will benifit.
>Antoinette Badenhorst
>PO Box 552
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Timakia@AOL.COM on sat 22 jul 00

Will someone please refer good books on design to me by which a potter and a
sculptor will benifit.

Antoinette Badenhorst
PO Box 552

Oooladies@AOL.COM on sat 22 jul 00

lark books 'The Ceramic Design Book' is a very cool inspirational book, IMHO
marie gibbons
arvada colorado

MJurist@AOL.COM on sun 23 jul 00

I would also be interested in any ideas for design books (in case you are
replying off list). Thanks