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updated tue 25 jul 00


Linda Arbuckle on mon 24 jul 00

Basic Visual Concepts and Principles for Artists,
Architects, and Designers. Wallschlaeger, Charles, & Busic-Snyder,
Cynthia. Wm C. Brown Publishers,
Dubuque, IA, 1992. ISBN 0-697-00651-4.

Design Basics is a very good design book, but $$$, about $60.00.
Design Basics 4th Ed. Lauer, David, Pentak, StephenHarcourt
Brace College Publishers.1995. ISBN 0-15-
501184-7. Good basic design text, strong mix of
2-d and 3-d examples.

Pedagogical Sketchbook Klee, Paul. Faber and Faber, London,
reprtd. 1986 Charming small design book with personal diagrams.

The Wucius Wong books below are a digest of 2-d design principles:
short explanation and illustration. I find them helpful when thinking
about surface design.

Principles of Two-dimensional Design Wong, Wucius. Van Nostrand Reinhold

Co., NY, 1972 Short, well-illustrated 2-D design book.
Principles of Two-dimensional Form Wong, Wucius.Van Nostrand Reinhold
Co., NY, 1988 Short, well-illustrated 2-D design book.

Principles of Form and Design Wong, Wucius. Van Nostrand Reinhold,
NY, 1993. ISBN 0-442-01405-9 (paper) Combines the above 2 books by
Wong plus Principles of Three-Dimensional Design in one volume.

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